Radio silence at the Yearn Finance founder, dives after death threats: „I’m done with social media“

Yearn Finance founder Andre Cronje has denied reports of his disappearance. But Cronje stated that he would not deal with social media for the time being.

There were days of speculation that Profit Revolution scam left the project or went into hiding after being threatened by disgruntled eminence investors.

Radio silence, but not gone

Yearn Finance founder Andre Cronje announced on Twitter that he is alive but has decided to retire from social media. The update follows threats made against him in connection with his latest project, Eminence.

The post follows recent uncertainty about its whereabouts. In a tweet published on October 9th, he revealed that he is “still here” and “still building” – but he was “done with tweeting and using social media”. He still has his Twitter account, which suggests he could come back.

On September 29, Cronje revealed that he had received „quite a few threats“ from investors in the unfinished Eminence (EMN) project, which was compromised by a hacker. After stealing $ 15 million worth of EMN tokens on Ethereum , the hacker sent the stolen $ 8 million EMN to Cronje’s developer account for an unclear reason.

Cronje’s recent controversy

EMN was designed with the video game industry in mind to create a radically different approach to in-game transactions and economics. Cronje, who was known for his outspoken views on Twitter before the hack, warned investors that the project was incomplete – but not everyone wanted to listen to him.

He was reportedly absent on September 29th when investors began pumping EMN – despite his repeated warnings that the project and smart contracts were not complete. Hackers then compromised the contracts and used EMN worth $ 15 million.

Inexplicably, they then decided to send $ 8 million back to Cronje’s account – a development that apparently angered a number of investors who saw their funds being stolen or their holdings plummeting.

On September 20th, Cronje confirmed that these funds will be returned to their owners. At the time of writing, Cronje had not stated why an uncompleted code was being tested on the main network and not on an easily accessible Ethereum test network .

Yearn Finance sags

As the chart below shows, the September 29th EMN hack coincided sharply with another drop in YFI – a strange September that was both bullish and bearish. The token lost 67 percent of its value and fell from its all-time high on September 12 of $ 43,000 to just over $ 12,500.